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FX Install - The Yungling 2023


Listing for an FX Install through our partner installer. 

NX Installs - based in Melbourne Australia. 

Please note, this listing is for the install service and electronics parts ONLY. You must provide an empty Yungling V1, V2, or V3. Alternatively, you can purchase the empty hilt at the same time as this listing.

Installation is approximately 3.5 weeks from purchase date.

Install specifications:

- Neopixel, lit neopixel adaptor.

- Removeable 18650 keep power protected li-ion battery.

- Proffie V2.2 with a basic configuration (specific programming is available but is subject to further fee).

- 28mm bass speaker.

- Single Switch Set-up.

- Removeable Chassis.

Does not include:

- Neopixel blade (can get locally from The Saber Armory, Bendu Armory, any reputable LGT dealer). Needs to be 7/8"

- Charger (can get locally from any electronics store)


A 30 day installation warranty is offered on installed products. Any attempt at self repair or dissassembly (apart from accessing the battery to remove for charging. Or programming the sound card) will void warranty. 

All repairs will be conducted through our 3rd party install partner.

Empty Hilt Details:

This is a very special fully machined wood and metal hilt of our very own favourite Young Wookie.


This is the V3, back by popular demand Yungling Hilt.
Changes from V2:

Although many people were happy with their V1 and V2 Yungling hilts. I've decided to make the changes requested by customers over the years.

- I've made the shroud insert, a tapered wedge shape. Accurate to the in show render.

- I've added the engraving. This will be CNC milled on the unit before anodising. So to really highlight the effect, you could do a dark coloured acrlic paint wash in the engraving.

- I've added the faux rivet feature on the back too.

Please see the last two images on the listing which are CAD renders showing the changes to the model.

Saber will accept 7/8" blade. The internal cavity for install is 1" in internal diameter.
The handle will be machined wood (that's right, real wood) and of course machined T6 6061 aluminium that will be anodized.
It will be designed of course, to accept EFX installations. There will, as always, be a chassis available for purchase just after the run has finished.

Basically, what you see is what you get.

Please also note, the item will be shipped fully insured and trackable.

It is subject to our shipping policy, and refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

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