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Custom Beyblade Grip with Electronics


Showcasing our custom made launcher grip! It's designed to hold the original gen plastic launcher. However, where it shines (literally) is the custom electronics and sounds that are built in! It will come fully assembled with the sound card, speaker, and 18650 li-ion battery (protected). 

It will include the sound profile showcased in the video, and custom controls scheme. It is possible to customise this, however, it's not for beginners. There are youtube videos/and lengthy owners manuals for the sound card. But unless you're a confident tinkerer and have half an idea of how to code, I wouldn't bother. 

I need a minimum amount of orders to make this happen, around 15. So let's see how we go. I'm not sure if it'll be a success or not. Once we have the numbers it'll take about 1 month for production.

It has motion detection and so after initial power on (out of sleep mode) it can be activated by strong rapid motion (like a launch!). You can have the classic theme playing, whilst battling with your friends. 

It includes 4 "diffuser" disks that are the 4 classic spirits, driger, dranzer, dragoon, and draciel. I've only shown two in the photo above. You can choose which to attach. 

Dated 7/Mar/2024 - The initial Pre-Order is open. The project is in production, you will get your product, or your money back. I am taking preorders to help me gauge interest and make the correct quantity of units! Estimated time to delivery is 3 months.

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