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FX Install - DRK SAI


Listing for an FX Install through our partner installer. 

NX Installs - based in Melbourne Australia. 

Please note, this listing is for the install service and electronics parts ONLY. You must provide an empty DRK SAI hilt. Alternatively, you can purchase the empty hilt at the same time as this listing.

Installation is approximately 5 weeks from purchase date. Subject to change depending on current worklist.

The chassis will be as shown, but it will be a home print on a standard consumer 3D Printer. 

Install specifications:

- Neopixel, lit neopixel adaptor (custom)

- Removeable 14500 X2 keep power protected li-ion battery.

- Proffie V2.2 or with a basic configuration (specific programming is available but is subject to further fee).

- Rectangular laptop speaker.

- Dual Switch Set-up.


Does not include:

- Neopixel blade (can get from the saber trader).

- Charger (can get locally from any electronics store). Must be a dedicated Li-Ion battery charger. No warranty will be provided for install or battery damage due to poor charger. Please get in touch for recommendations. 


A 30 day installation warranty is offered on installed products. Any attempt at self repair or disassembly (apart from accessing the battery to remove for charging. Or programming the sound card) will void warranty. 

All repairs will be conducted through our 3rd party install partner.

Please also note, the item will be shipped fully insured and trackable.

It is subject to our shipping policy, and refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

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