Jawas Junkyard

Jawas Junkyard Bespoke - Empty Hilt PreOrder


This hilt is our version of a flagship! A canvas hilt. It is fully CNC machined with a smooth anodised finish.

The hilt was designed for us by Clint Young! 

It will include an additional emitter claw part that has no engraving. This is for engraving. I will upload a dxf template of the claw to help our etchers.

Please note there’s no electronics included. 

- Fully machined aluminium.

- Anodised as shown, or bare aluminium.

- 7/8" blade opening

- Compatible with LGT thin neck cores. Chassis is available separately.

- Covertech wheel to attach to a belt.

- Designed to work with a one switch setup.

It is subject to our Pre Order, shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

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