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Master Sword - 3D Printed Display Stand

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Please see the 3D printed master sword display stand. It holds the master sword hilt produced by us (with no blade installed) in an upright position. Can hold an empty or an installed master sword. There is no lights in the stand, it uses a light pixel connector to give an illumination effect.

There is just over 1kg of filament into the stand and just under 2 days of printing time for each on a super fast Bambu labs X1 Carbon.

It is 3D printed at home on a high end hobbist machine. The surface finish is really good for 3D printing, but there may be some observable layer lines and printing artifacts. These are not defects, but are part of the process.  It comes shipped in separate parts, to reduce shipping costs. 

It consists of 3 parts.

1. Base (split into two parts to be glued together). 

Default is printed in black with the tri-force accents in gold.

Optional is printed in a gray "marble" filament - with gold accents.


2. Top Tri-Force.

Printed in one part, this combined a gold PLA and a translucent colour PLA.

Default is "translucent yellow" and gold base.

Optional is printed a translucent clear and gold base.

3. Pegs, these pegs are inserted in the base, and offer two purposes.

a) location feature. For perfect alignment each time.

b) offer more surface area for a better bond of the two parts.


Please note, the initial pictures are my test print. The translucent centre triangle WILL NOT be orange. 


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