A product that is on Pre Order will be structured as a two-payment system. The listing on the site will be a non-refundable 50% of the item price deposit (less shipping). As the product approaches shipping timeframe, an invoice will be sent for the remaining 50% of the item price plus shipping.

By purchasing a preorder item, you are agreeing to complete the second payment amount in full within two weeks of receiving the second payment request.

Purchases made on preorder items are only transferrable via the following mechanism. The customer must organize to sell their preorder spot to the new customer and handle all financial details. Jawas Junkyard will only deal directly with the customer attempting to sell their spot. The customer must inform Jawas Junkyard that they have sold their spot and provide up to date and accurate contact and shipping details of the new customer (data will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy).

Pre Order time frames listed on an item are only approximate and delays are possible. Delay in a preorder is not grounds for a refund or exchange.

Over a preorder period, a customer may have a change of address. It is the customers responsibility to communicate in writing to Jawas Junkyard to inform of this address change. No refunds will be given for an item that was shipped to the address on the order unless a customer has informed Jawas Junkyard of the change at the time of the second payment via our email (jawasjunkyard@gmail.com).