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Master Sword - Chassis STL File



The listing for the MasterSword Chassis STL File

The chassis has 3 parts.

1. Main chassis:

Designed to hold proffie v2.2 OR CFX (must select which STL) boards. 18650 protected li-ion battery, removeable battery system via two keystone battery tabs and a 24mm base speaker. 

It also holds a SHTOK or CCSabers neopixel adaptor and is fully removeable.

2. Speaker Offset

Designed to glue onto the rim of your 24mm speaker and provide a good sound chamber for the speaker - whilst allowing the pommel to compress to lock the chassis in.

3. Crystal.

Designed to attach to the main chassis, and hold a 5mm led, RGB or 5mm OD single pixel round PCB. The Crystal is shaped like a rupee.

No electronics are included. 


Please note, this chassis was designed to be printed with MSLA or SLS printing technologies. It is possible to print with FDM, however, support material may be a little difficult.

All shop policies are applicable to this listing and you must read and understand these before purchasing.

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