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YGO 3D Metal Card Pendent/Key Chains


I'm pleased to announce my inspired by 3D Plated Zinc Alloy Pendent series. 

The items are made with the same quality as my 3D trading cards, however, scaled down for use as a keychain or pendent. The size of these is 31 x 52 mm by 3mm thick. Each one includes a keychain and a necklace chain so you can choose how you want to use it. The chain matches the main plating material of the card.

Note: These are currenly on a short preorder (2 weeks) before they are ready to ship in stock. Include a box, with foam insert for each card.

The items are high polished, and hand handled. There may be some small imperfections and these are not considered defects. Please remember to handle with care.

Please note, this item is subject to all of the shops policies published on our site.

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