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Master Sword - Empty Hilt 3rd Batch


Finally, after many months of testing and development - I'm pleased to make the Master sword available for preorder for the very small (limited to 5 units) 3rd batch.

Designed in collaboration with Matt from Larz's Bone Works

It’s designed with a 1” blade socket, and about 28mm of blade depth. Designed hand in hand with The Saber Trade for their custom Master sword pixel blade for the run!

The hilt is over 1kg in weight, has a 28mm internal diameter for chassis. I have the chassis designed and will soon offer a preorder for the chassis. 

The hilt has the following features.

- Translucent machined plastic crystals, dyed in a gold/yellow colour as shown.

- a set of brass rings that thread into the main handle (shown in pictures).

- a set of anodised blue aluminium rings that thread onto the main handle which can be swapped with the brass depending on your preference.

- brass diamond bezel pieces.

- a hole cut out in the main handle, and a switch plunger in blue or purple anodised aluminium to assist with switch solutions.

- gold accents at the top of the hilt, that are anodised gold aluminium.

- some green leather strap to support a DIY wrap.


A printable sheath (STL and Print service) is available for purchase.

A chassis STL is available on the site to purchase, and so is a SLS Nylon Print service.

Production is due to complete by end of August 2023.

It is subject to our preorder, shipping policy, and refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

Please note it is an empty hilt only and NO electronics are included.

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