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Vision LOP Empty Hilt


A fantastic mix of ancient Japanese culture and Sci-Fi fantasy. This is a beautiful CNC machined empty hilt from T6 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium. Designed with FX electronics install in mind (no electronics included).

The hilt has the following specs:

  • 7/8” blade opening for a blade (not included).

  • Due to thin neck design, it’s an ultra-shallow blade depth.

  • 28mm internal diameter before dropping to 25.4mm (lots of install area)

  • Chassis available to electronics install is available to purchase separately.

  • Includes tassles to be attached DIY.

  • Does not come with the blue parts painted, this is intended for DIY application with a Tamiya Royal Blue enamel paint.

Please note, given this hilt is a thin neck. The blade depth is very small, it is not recommended for duelling and is mostly recommended for display, cosplay, and just simple playing around with.

The hilt is in preorder and will be shipped when production is finished. ETA is near the end of April 2022.

It is subject to our preorder policy, shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

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