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ARC Empty Hilt - B Grade


B-Grade Listing (please see details below)

This is a crafty design, with an organic curved mid-section and finessed with sharp edges on the emitter and pommel. It is a fully CNC machined empty hilt made from T6 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium.

It will arrive with a fully polished aluminium and black anodised finished as per the attached images.

Please note, no electronics are included.

The hilt has the following specs:

- 1" blade opening.

- Reveal cut-out for Crystal chamber (chamber not included) but design has the cut-out.

- Crystal chamber chassis is available to purchase separately.

This listing is for the B-Grade hilts. This means the finish is not up to the regular product standard. These products will have some scratches on the polished aluminium parts (minimal). However, they will contain some scratches/marks on the black anodised main body. To reflect this, no refund will be offered on this item at all. 

Pictures of some example scratches are included in the listing to demonstrate the types of imperfections you can expect. These units make a great basis for any weathered projects, or custom etching/powder coating and are offered at a great price. Please note there are pictures of the A-Grade hilt included (to show the hilt profiles/proportions) but the pictures show casing the imperfections are highlighted with red boxes.

It is subject to our shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

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