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Bright Star B Grade - Empty Hilt

USD215 USD350


Please see the B GRADE LISTING. These items mainly have machining marks around the gold colour ring in the centre of the guard part.

No returns will be offered for these known cosmetically compromised units as they are priced accordingly.

This is a very creative design. It provides many challenges, and yet it has a really nice elegance to it. It is a fully CNC machined empty hilt made from T6 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium.

It will arrive as anodised to look like a steel - with gold accents also anodised.

The spiral features will be glued in place, and not intended to be removeable.

Please note, no electronics are included.

The hilt has the following specs:

- 7/8" blade opening.

- 27mm ID for installation *subject to change, but it's either 26/28mm.

- Comes with the intended two main configurations.

A static display (remove the blade holder cup, and thread on the display piece). Attach the magnetically attached top of the circle gold piece (that holds the crystal).

FX Mode - Thread on the blade holder cup. Install electronics. 

Please see the images to show all the different intended configurations.

- Note, at this stage, unless you get very crafty with your install. Once installed, you won't be able to remove the blade holder. However, you can re-attached the magnetic floating crystal holder with the blade holder attached.

It is subject to our shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

Please note, this is not for children. WARNING, it contains parts that may be pointy. All care must be taken when handling this hilt.  Jawas Junkyard will not be responsible for any misuse, abuse, or any injury incurred. You agree to this, when making this purchase.


This is a B grade listing. These units will have cosmetic imperfections. Inconsistent anodising, machining marks etc.

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