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Bright Star - Digital STL File


This listing is a DIGITAL FILE for the Bright Star (Corvax) Chassis digital file listing.

The chassis is an "eco" chassis, designed to make DIY install easy.

The chassis has 3 parts.

1. Main chassis:

Designed to hold proffie v2.2 or CFX boards. 18650 protected li-ion battery, removeable battery system via two keystone battery tabs and a 24mm base speaker. 

It also holds a SHTOK or CCSabers neopixel adaptor and is partially removeable via a fixed section (what you normally see with thin neck builds).

2. Static Component.

Designed to be held in place at the top of the main body of the hilt. Holding a chassis adaptor from SHTOK or CCSabers. This takes wires upto the blade holder cup for the pixel blade.

3. Pixel Connector Holder.

The hilt side pixel adaptor holder. Similar to other thin neck designs, this will sit inside the blade holder cup.

No electronics are included. 

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