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Custom Beyblade Display Stand

USD23 USD250

Showcasing our custom acrylic beyblade stand that is now in production (Appxroximately 3 weeks until shipping)

It is made from laser cut 3mm thick acrylic. The "sparks" are separate laser cut pieces (translucent yellow colour) and are glued to the back plate. 

It will come preglued/attached together. 

There is also an etched orriginal BBA logo on the top. There is also 4 holes in the black plate to be able to screw onto a wall. You can also leave it on a desk/shelf.


There is an opening under the angled pieces that hold beys where you can put lights. 

I've included an option where I include a 5m strip LED kit. This kit can be wifi controlled and requires 120-240V power. You would need to DIY cut the strips and or solder as you see fit to layout the display to your choosing.

Please note it has a 40mm cut out for beys and fits upto two beys. Showing them in an "attacking" formation. 

Please note there is no beys included.


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