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DRK SAI - Proffie Chassis STL File


This is a set of STL files for the DRK SAI Chassis. It is a print it yourself NON COMMERCIAL file.

Installers, feel free to use it for your customers, but you are not authorised to sell a printed chassis.

The chassis has many parts parts.

Includes, main body part, upp section, a lit section insert, and switch holders/spacers. 
The board holder is for a proffie sound board.

The files are:


This is the main component of the chassis - it holds the sound board, two 14500 batteries and 4 keystone battery tabs with their legs cut-off (so it can fit height wise). It is removeable, and holds a chassis adaptor (custom, and included with your empty hilt) designed to mate with the upper_chassis.


This component holds the mating chassis adaptor with the spring loaded pins (included in your empty hilt). Please note that this part, the chassis adaptor is keyed and directional. You MUST install it in the right orientation. This component is designed to be static in the hilt, and remain. It also holds the lit pixel PCB connector (also included in your empy hilt).

It is also designed to hold two 6mm brass switches. You can choose the plunger height to your preference (how much you want the plunger to stick out the side). The intention here is you glue the switch (already wired up) to the switch holder, insert it into the upper chassis and push the switch all the way to the side of the hilt. Then insert your two switch spacers behind to keep the switch resisting your motion. Feel free to add a little glue to hold these components in place.

Switch Holder

As described above, this is designed simply to hold your switch at the correct height in the hilt. You require two of these per hilt.

Switch Spacer.

As described above, keeps the switch holder located correctly. You need 4 of these per hilt.

Various Inserts.

I've included 4 designs of the lit section insert. You can glue these in place, or temporarily mount with some double sided tape (so you can swap them). This is a fresh new take on a "crystal chamber" for this unique hilt. 

They consist of two layers, a diffusion layer (just a rectangle) designed to be printed in a "clear" plastic. And a top layer (with the design) that you can print in a plastic matching the rest of your chassis. I personally print these as one part in my multi material printers.

This is a licence for a single PERSONAL use. It is not intended for commercial applications (please contact me to discuss if this is your intention). You are not permitted to sell the STL in it's current form, or modify and sell. 

Given the item is an instant delivery digital file - all sales are final and refunds are not possible given the nature of the product.

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