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Metal Draciel Beyblade

USD55 USD250

Showcasing our custom Meta Draciel Beyblade. This is now in production, and we will update when we have the metal prototype. 

This revamp of a nostalgic toy is made from a high density zinc alloy, plated in a green coloured finish.

It includes a clear resin bit chip, with one bit beast stickers. You get to DIY apply the sticker so you can choose your orientation.

We will included two ball bearings that will be locked in by the welded in core. Not have the ability to move when spinning.

There is no stickers (apart from the bit beast) needed or included with this kit. The graphics are already applied directly on the metal.

It will not include a launcher. But it is compatible with original plastic launchers.

To assist the production process, the "core" is not removeable from the base. However, the attack ring, and weight disc are able to be removed from the base in the usual method. 

It functions only as a plastic generation bey.

Dated 19/Feb/2024 - The initial Pre-Order is open. The project is in production, you will get your product, or your money back. I am taking preorders to help me gauge interest and make the correct quantity of units! 

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