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Odin's Wrath V3 (2023) - Empty Hilt


The hilt shown in the images is indeed the prototype. However, it is fully assembled to show what yours will look like. It is a DIY kit with some assembly required.

The hilt: Odin's Wrath V3 (2023) is an all T6 6061 Aluminium machined hilt:
Total price for the empty - $350 USD shipping is not included.

Please see differences detailed here of changes from the V2->V3. Please see the last picture in the listing, it shows CAD snippets and points out the differences. 

- Pommel piece diameter increased to sit proud of the wood veneer slightly.

- Improved power pin (faux) connector, to sit more flush with the wood with a more accurate shape.

- Added slots in the handle near the middle for accuracy improvements.

- Brass pins in the "power pin" are smaller diamter and a little longer, more accurate to the EFX.

- Added cut-out in the activation matrix piece, and the small blue greebly to allow a 5mm accent pixel to be added. The activation matrix and main body are slotted to be able to fit a two pin sliding spring connector (like those seen to connect to control boxes) to enable a removeable chassis.

- Plastic greeblies are CNC machined Polycarbonate instead of hand cast resin. Improving the quality and finish of these parts.

It will include

1. A set of pre-cut wood veneers (1 set, two pieces) (as close as possible to what I show you in the picture here, but knowing wood is a natural product with variation). These will not be applied, and will need to be applied DIY or through a service. I have a guide on how to do it available from the V2 version. There is changes from V2, the veneer colour will be darker and closer to the prop. For those who have bought my flagship conversion veneers. The stain is the same.

2. The plastic greeblies, are upgraded from V2! These will be machined polycarbonate greeblies dyed to colour.

3. The shroud will be etched as you see in the picture (again there may be some variation here, etching is a hard to perfectly control process but within reason). 

It is subject to our shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

Please note, this is not for children. WARNING, it contains parts that may be pointy. All care must be taken when handling this hilt.  Jawas Junkyard will not be responsible for any misuse, abuse, or any injury incurred. You agree to this, when making this purchase.

Please note the "real life" pictures, are of the V2 version on the listing. The changes between V2 and V3 are detailed here and pointed out in the last picture.



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