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Orgus Custom KR Flagship Shroud - Stainess Steel


Ever looked at your KR Flagship and thought it could look an awful lot like a Orgus Din hilt? Well now you can be one step closer with this custom flagship shroud.

This is a custom designed Orgus Din themed shroud for your KR Flagship saber. It is designed to fit nicely on the unit and work with the screws the KR flagship saber includes.

It is 3D Printed Steel - and roughly polished to give a great texture between the high spots and the low - emphasising the detail. 

Please note it does not include a KR flagship, but you can buy one directly from thesaberarmory.com. It also does not include the screws, but is designed to work directly with the screws your hilt kit already has.

This will pair nicely with my stained wood veneer kit on offer.

Initially this is on a pre-order (4 weeks till shipping) - but after that they will be available ready to ship.

It is subject to our Pre-Order policy, and all other policies on the shop.

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