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The Wrangler - Empty Hilt PreOrder


Announcing The Wrangler from Jawas Junkyard. This beautiful piece was designed by the talented Clint Young and permission was granted to us to be able to bring it to life. The hilt is made from machined aluminium that is anodised, and machined and engraved maple wood. 

The hilt includes a one switch plunger inbuilt into the design.

The hilt can be made into a staff with a coupler. I have included a staff option for preorder (empty and installed).

Please note this is a Pre-order status item. It'll take about two months to ship (estimated to ship in March 2024).

Total price for the empty - $360 USD shipping is not included.

Total price for the installed (Proffieboard LGT/Nexus core) - $460 USD shipping and blade not included. Only basic configuration and fonts that are stock with the core will be included.

I've provided two options, a pay in full and a 50% preorder. Please note that the shipping invoice will come later when the box size is finalised and weight is calculated. However, it'll the package will be roughly 1.3kg when shipping. 

Please note, that the images shown on the listing are renders/concept art drawn by Clint. The prototype is being produced and I'll share prototype pictures once ready.


- Works with a standard 1" blade.
-  25.4mm internal diameter. 
- Designed with two one plungers designed in.
- Includes an awesome collectors box that will be designed by Clint for our use!
- Also will include an aged page made by Mike Lines (KyberSupply) designed by both Clint and Mike showing a backstory of the character that made and owned this saber!
- It is designed to work with the LGT removeable core. I will be offering a bunch of units that will ship with the electronics pre-installed. 

It is subject to our shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

Please note, this is not for children. WARNING, it contains parts that may be pointy. All care must be taken when handling this hilt.  Jawas Junkyard will not be responsible for any misuse, abuse, or any injury incurred. You agree to this, when making this purchase.




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