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YGO - Slifer, Sky Dragon -3D Card (3D Print Resin)


I'm please to announce my inspired by 3D Printed - resin trading cards.

The item is the same size as the cards you know and love, except they're a little over 8mm thick and 3D. Similarly to those who cut-up and make custom 3D cards, these are taking the 2D into 3D. 3D Printed in a high quality resin, on a 4k printer. You can see the great details. 

 The item is printed, supports removed, a quick sanding, and painted with a primer to highlight the details as shown.

Note: This are printed to order. Each would take about 2-3 days from time of order to print and cure but this will depend on order load. If it's going to be longer than the 2-3 day window, I'll contact you.

Given the item is 3D printed in resin and support removed by hand. Some small variations and defects could be expected.

Please note, this item is subject to all of the shops policies published on our site.

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