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Yodie - Adventure Empty Hilt

USD200 USD330

Announcing the Yodie from Jawas Junkyard. This hilt was a fun project to design. It's perfect size for our wise green master.

The hilt is made only of brass and t6 6061 aluminium.

The hilt tip to tip is just under 14.23cm long as it takes a 7/8" blade.

Given it's composition, the hilt has a nice weight to it.

I also have a special collectors edition that includes a custom made plaque, signed by the voice actor of the character in the show! Piotr Michael. This is limited to 10 units, so get in quick.

Please note this is a Pre-order status item.
The hilt is currently under pre-order status, ready for manufacture.
The hilt shown in the main pictures is the prototype and there are some changes expected from prototype to production unit.

It will include a 1/4" wide leather wrap for a DIY ITO.

Total price for the empty - $220 USD shipping is not included.

I've provided two options, a pay in full and a 50% preorder. Please note that the shipping invoice will come later when the box size is finalised and weight is calculated. However, it'll the package will be roughly 1.3kg when shipping . 


- Compatible with a 7/8" blade.
- 1 Inch install diameter.
- Designed with a cut out and plunger for a one switch set-up.
- Includes an awesome collectors box.

I am working on a chassis for the hilt. More details will be released as that progresses.

It is subject to our shipping policy, refund policy and all other shop T&C’s.

Please note, this is not for children. WARNING, it contains parts that may be pointy. All care must be taken when handling this hilt.  Jawas Junkyard will not be responsible for any misuse, abuse, or any injury incurred. You agree to this, when making this purchase.




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