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Master Sword Scabbard - FDM Print


I'm pleased to announce a 10 part home FDM print Scabbard available to purchase.

Each part will be printed in PLA in the colour shown (gold or blue). The 10 parts will come unsanded, and not joined. This means it will be a DIY assembly, gluing, filling, sanding, and perhaps painting depending on the look you're going for. This includes the raw parts, with support removal. 

Each part goes together logically, and will have poke-yoke, keyway features to aid assembly and give strength in glueing each part.

The structural parts (blue base) are split into 4 parts (due to printing size and shipping limitations). They are printed in 20% infill. They have holes designed to take 2x 7mm x 20mm per joint (so that's 6 total). I've included printed ABS dowel pins, but of course you could substitute these for any steel dowel pins 7mm diameter, by 20mm long. 


All decorative pieces are printed with 10% infill. 

Each unit is approximately 1.6kg of filament, and over 96 hours of printing. 

It will begin printing as soon as possible after ordering, and ship as soon as ready (not tied to your preorder of the master sword hilt).

The first 3 pictures are renders, designed to show you the design and how it splits.

The final picture is an assembled (unpainted, no sanding) prototype of the print. The total length of the scabbard is about 955mm long.

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