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Project Ronin - Sheath B GRADE


Please see listing for the Ronin Sheath/Scabbard B GRADE. You must read before purchasing. No refund or warranty is given for this item based on the fault identified here.

Cosmetically they are the same thing. The B grade fault is the fact that the inner diameter of the scabbard (designed to be 26mm) is under target. These will require being drilled out. Luckily this can be done with a 26mm spade bit from any hardware store, with an appropriate extension (each section is 300mm long or less). Make sure to hold each part in some kind of strong vice. Then bore it out to size.

Given the scabbard is died black Nylon (from natural white), the ID will be white after you drill it out. But will not change functionality or looks in any real way given it’s hidden.

The price has been reduced from $335 USD to account for this.

It will be able to take a 1" blade and upto 32" in length. You can wrap a strap around it to attach it to your belt to sheath your hilt. The hilt emitter should sit in nice at the top, however I wouldn't run around with it unless you add some additional securing method. 

It will come split into 3 lengths in a solid black colour. Each section will have some prongs to help align it concentrically when you glue them together. 

Assembled the total length is 880mm x 75mm wide (at it's widest). 

It comes in two options

1. SLS printed in black Nylon.

This is the premium option. Surface finish and strength should be better. 

No electronics, hilt, or blade are included.

All shop policies are applicable to this listing and you must read and understand these before purchasing.

Please note, image shows a gray coloured test home print. As described above, the product will come in black. 


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