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DRK SAI - Chassis Group Buy


This is the listing for my unique DRK SAI chassis group buy.

This will run as a group buy - open for a short period (7 days) from 13/07/2023 9pm AEST to 23/7/2023 9pm AEST.

The chassis will be printed from a 3rd party print service in MJF or SLS nylon.

The chassis will support the following electronics:

1. QTY 2 14500 Keep Power Li-Ion batteries (1000mAh each).

2. Keystone battery tabs (must be cut down to fit in height).

3. 1W 20X14MM "notebook speaker" (nice and flat) and is not terribly quiet.

4. Cutout where you need a few pixel strips (depending on size) to illuminate the character cut out.

5. I will include 4 character cut-out inserts with the chassis. These will be printed in two materials on my home printer - a clear diffuser and a black character.

This will ship with your DRK SABER hilt.

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