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Master Sword - Chassis


I'm very excited as the crystal chamber crystal is a green rupee!! 

This item is for a chassis ordered direct with a 3D printing service. As such it will take a few weeks from order placement to being able to ship.

The chassis has 3 parts.

1. Main chassis:

Printed in black nylon using SLS technology.

Designed to hold proffie v2.2 boards. 18650 protected li-ion battery, removeable battery system via two keystone battery tabs and a 24mm base speaker. 

It also holds a SHTOK or CCSabers neopixel adaptor and is fully removeable.

2. Speaker Offset

 Printed in black nylon using SLS technology. 

Designed to glue onto the rim of your 24mm speaker and provide a good sound chamber for the speaker - whilst allowing the pommel to compress to lock the chassis in.

3. Crystal.

Printed in clear resin using SLA technology and died green. Designed to attach to the main chassis, and hold a 5mm led, RGB or 5mm OD single pixel round PCB. The Crystal is shaped like a rupee.

No electronics are included. 

Please note - the real life printed chassis pictures are for my prototype unit. I've changed the emitter end interface as I improved the emitter to a 1" blade socket. So now the main chassis is one unit, rather than using a fixed pixel adaptor. Please note that difference.

I also include a stencil to paint the chassis tri force.

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