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Red Mistress - Eco Chassis Group Buy


This is the Red Mistress Eco Chassis Group Buy.

The chassis was designed by me and is currently having some greeblie flare added by Tim! 

The preorder for group buy chassis will be open for one week! Then I will close it and place the group order. After that, you can order it as a print my home print (nylon but not SLS print method). 

The chassis is an "eco" chassis, designed to make DIY install easy.

Pre orders are open from today 19/12/2023 10pm and will close in one week, 26/12/2023 (AEST).

This item is for a chassis ordered direct with a 3D printing service. As such it will take a few weeks from order placement to being able to ship.

The chassis his two parts

1. Main chassis:

Printed in black nylon using SLS technology.

 It will include a custom designed ring of LEDs intent to sit at the rear of the chassis and illuminate the pommel.

Designed to hold Proffie V2.2, a removeable 186550 battery, one Shtok switch PCBs lit with pixel.

Also designed to take a Shtok or CC Sabers hilt side pixel connector and two keystone battery tabs.

No electronics are included or hilts included. Only a non-installed, empty printed chassis for DIY installation.

All shop policies are applicable to this listing and you must read and understand these before purchasing.

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