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The Wrangler - Elite Chassis Group Buy


This is the Wrangler, Elite Chassis Group Buy.

The chassis was designed by Joey Mulligan.

The preorder for group buy chassis will be open for two weeks! Then I will close it and place the group order. 

Pre orders are open from today 14/4/2024 9pm and will close in one week, 21/4/2024 9pm (AEST).

This item is for a chassis ordered direct with a 3D printing service. As such it will take a few weeks from order placement to being able to ship. So it will need to ship as a separate item.

The chassis has 8 parts.

Designed to work with (not including)

2x1mm magnets for the board.

2x low profile brass tactiles
2x4mm brass tubes.
Shtok v3 connector
22mm speaker.
Single 10mm accent pixel

3x mini pixel strips (https://thesaberarmory.com/collections/neopixels-led-strips/products/3-5mm-width-ws2812-2020-mini-flexible-led-strip-neopixel-rgb-accent-5050-led

Battery Contacts: https://thesaberarmory.com/products/keystone-battery-contacts-set

Please note that this will require some work, sanding polishing for fit and finish. 

No electronics or the hilt are included with this listing.

All shop policies are applicable to this listing and you must read and understand these before purchasing.

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