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Visions LOP - CFX Chassis STL File


This is a set of STL files for the Visions LOP Chassis.

Detailed views/general instructions for the hilt and chassis can be found here:


- Fully removable core.
- Support CFX (Proffie V2.2 will fit too, but designed for CFX).
- Two printed parts, the removeable core (battery, speaker, board) + the fixed in place pixel adaptor (this takes the PCB to the switches fixed in the hilt).
- Works with 18650 protected li-ion battery (keep power).
- Keystone 18650 battery tabs.
- works with a 6-pole chassis adaptor.

The chassis has 2 parts.


Best to be printed in SLA/MSLA/DLP resin technology however, it's possible to print in FDM. But the support removal in wire channels would be a little tough in the main file.


This is a licence for a single PERSONAL use. It is not intended for commercial applications (please contact me to discuss if this is your intention). You are not permitted to sell the STL in it's current form, or modify and sell. 

Given the item is an instant delivery digital file - all sales are final and refunds are not possible given the nature of the product.

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