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Copy of Courkrus (CH Speeder) - Eco Chassis SLS Buy


This is the Courkrus CH Speeder Physical Product

The chassis was designed by Benji of Nerfherder Customs! 

The chassis is an "eco" chassis, designed to make DIY install easy.

This item is in stock, I had a few spares from the group buy.

The chassis his one part

1. Main chassis:

Printed in black nylon using SLS technology.


Designed to hold Proffie V2.2 and CFX. A removeable 186550 battery, the two included Shtok switch PCBs lit with pixel (included with empty hilt not chassis) and a high drain kill key. Has a cut-out to do a pixel strip with diffusion film as Benji often does with his chassis'.

No electronics are included. 

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