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Sith Father - Chassis Group Buy


This is the Red Harvest Chassis Group Buy.

The chassis was designed by Carlos our friend at The Taco Shop.

The preorder will be open for 3 weeks to give you time to get into the group buy. 

The chassis is fairly unique as it is printed at home in a multi colour PLA. 

Pre orders are open from today 26/6/2024 and will close 17/07/2024.

This item is for a chassis ordered direct with a 3D printing service. As such it will take a few weeks from order placement to being able to ship.

The chassis his 4 parts

1. Main chassis:

Printed in black PLA with red accents printed. 


24mm speaker.


Proffie V2.2.

18650 battery.

4mm wide WS2812C-2020 pixel strip.

Keystone battery tabs: https://thesaberarmory.com/collections/batteries/products/keystone-battery-contacts-set

Also designed to take a Shtok chassis connector.

2. A speaker - pommel spacer.

Also printed in red/black multi colour. 


3. A stay in place switch and pixel adaptor holder. 

This also holds the pixel strip to have a visible light through the external grate in the hilt. 

It holds a shtock chassis side connector also. 

Also holds a shtok pixel connector.


4. Clear resin diffusion part.


No electronics are included or hilts included. Only a non-installed, empty printed chassis for DIY installation.

All shop policies are applicable to this listing and you must read and understand these before purchasing.

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